Here's what to expect when it comes to a Preschool Picture Day

1 Month Before Picture Day

- It's check in time!  I will check in with the Preschool Director via phone or email to confirm Picture Day date, start time and number of students. I will also arrange for a drop off date to deliver all the Picture Day goodies.

2 Weeks Before Picture Day

- Deliver to preschool a poster to hang in your classroom to remind parents of the upcoming picture day. I suggest hanging this poster near the parent check in/check out or in a place they are most likely to see it.

- Deliver to preschool the parent handouts, explaining picture day. There will be a introduction letter, a suggestive piece on how to dress for photos, a parent communication sheet, and a model release. I suggest handing these out a couple days before picture day. We really would like parents to return the communication sheet/ model release, as it helps me to know their child a bit better, but it is not mandatory.

On Picture Day

- I will arrive about 45 minutes before our scheduled start time, to set up the studio area. • With the help of the teachers, we will bring children in 2-3 at a time to the studio area. I find having a couple children waiting and watching, helps get our little friends excited to take their photo.

- Wet wipes and combs will be on hand to help us make sure our little friends look their best. If the teachers could help me make sure everyone has clean faces and nice hair right before the child is photographed, it is a tremendous help!

- Though I try to not have photos run into meal times, sometimes this does happen. I would suggest choosing foods that aren’t too messy on picture day, if possible.

- With willing participation, I will photograph all children and staff present on picture.

After Picture Day

- Unless otherwise stated, approximately one week after picture day, I will have all the children's photo galleries online. I will send individual photo gallery links to each parent, via email. I will also send the links to the Preschool director, for them to see the results of picture day! The email will include a copy of the price sheet and order form. Parents will have the option to print these forms, or I will also provide order forms and envelopes to the preschool for their use.

- Parents will have about 7 days to submit their orders  and payments via email.

- Unless otherwise stated, approximately one week after the order due date, I will return to the school with the filled photo orders.

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