Well hello there! Sarah Torres here, long time photographer of all manor of beautiful faces.  Over 9 years I've been doing this gig, starting my journey at one of those fabulous mall portrait studios and moving onward and up from there. I asked a few of my besties how they would describe me in 3 words. They said things like ' fun, happy and creative' and 'kind, good hearted and reliable'. So from there I will add that I am energetic and adventurous with a passionate soul.

I have been fortunate to do many different types of photography through out the years but the little ones is where my heart resides. Photographing those little 'nuggets', as I affectionately refer to them as, is where I shine. My friends actually call me the ' kid whisper' as I have a way with the littles.

My mission is to capture a school portrait that parents actually want to hang on their wall, one that truly captures their child's personality! I am able to take the time to create a memorable image with school portraits vs. the '30 second' portrait that is the usually the allotted time. Taking a great pre-school portrait brings me so much joy, I truly give my best!

When I am not taking photos you can find me on the mountain with my snowboard, diving with the fishes, enjoying sushi with my high vibe tribe, or hanging out with my cat, Kevin. Also I may or may not be drinking an iced coffee.

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